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About Mario Parotto

Born and raised in the Andes Mountains of Venezuela, the city of Valera in Trujillo, Mario Parotto is a fashion designer and creative artist that blends exquisite shapes with a Latin twist.


Since his childhood, he has lived among fabrics. From his mother, a talented dress maker, he received the first and most essential lessons in the art of the needle and thread. For over two decades, he has acquired the knowledge and has further developed his design and sewing skills. For Mario, his mother, Ana, best known as "La Nena," is the best seamstress and patternmaker he has ever met.




Living The American Dream.


Mario moved to Houston, Texas – not only to be a fashion designer but to have a successful clothing line that empowers women to see and choose clothes that feel good to wear beyond trends.

"Making clothes is an art. It has been my dream. Every new project has a story and inspires me to do better in the future. "

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