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    Pre-Order means that the product is not currently in stock, and we will make it for you!

    Important Disclosure: Re-cuts may differ in color from the original cut displayed on the website. This is due to fabric sourcing, where an entirely new batch of fabric has been used. Even though the color of the material sourced is as close as possible to the original color shown, we will not be held liable for any minor variations.


    Please kindly note, Pre-Orders cannot be canceled/refunded once placed. However, if you wish to change your item to another garment, you may do so. The item being exchanged must be equal to the same value or more significant.


    Waiting times vary from piece to piece. Usually, the estimated waiting time is 7 working days from when you place your order. Once the item is ready, your order will be dispatched within two days.

    Pre-Order dates are not guaranteed, and delays may occur. Mainly due to fabric sourcing.

    When a delay occurs, and why?

    The items in our collection are exclusive. For this reason, the manufacturing process requires several time of production and processing steps.

    If there is a delay, we will let you know as soon as possible.



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